Safety and Security Precautions

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In recent years, crime in Buccleuch has been significantly reduced, thanks to collaboration between the SAPS, the Sandton Sector 5 Community Policing Forum (CPF), Security companies and through BRACe's continued initiatives.

However, we cannot afford to become complacent and apathetic with regards to crime. There has been a spike in Residential Burglaries and House Robberies in Buccleuch over the past few months. There has also been an increase in Vehicle Hijackings.

For your own - and your property/possessions - wellbeing, we recommend that you make use of the following SECURITY AND SAFETY PRECAUTIONS.

Please take special note of section 1 below, pertaining to the Sandton SAPS Sector 5 . This contains important information, and important contact numbers

Sandton SAPS Sector 5 has two marked Police cars serving the area 24 hours/7 days a week . These vehicles are marked and dedicated for the sole use of Sandton Sector 5 (which comprises of  Buccleuch, Kelvin, Eastgate, Kramerville, Marlboro North, Wendywood, Woodmead East). Each vehicle is clearly marked by sector and details the cellphone contact number on the vehicle. THIS IS THE FIRST PORT OF CALL FOR REPORTING INCIDENTS AND SUPERCEDES 10111.


The details of these two vehicles are as follows :

Vehicle 1  : Cellphone No. : 071 675 6106

Vehicle 2  : Cellphone No. : 071 675 6107

We suggest that you program these two cellphone numbers into your phones (preferably on SPEED DIAL), for your own security and ease of reference. Please also ensure that your domestic workers and gardeners have these numbers close to hand.

The SAPS have requested that domestic workers, gardeners etc. who need to report criminal activity or suspect that a crime is being committed, kindly contact the SAPS cellphone numbers BEFORE contacting their employers. Time is of the essence when responding to criminal activity, the SAPS need to react swiftly.

The Sector 5 SAPS Commander is Captain Semenya, his contact number is 0823473148 (office hours).

Let your neighbours know when you are going away for any period of time.

Leave some house keys with a trusted neighbour, who can access your house and who can draw curtains, switch on lights on an evening etc. whilst you are away.

Get a trusted friend to house sit whilst you are away.

Ensure all security provisions are enabled (i.e. an alarm, should you have one). Make sure that burglar bars are fitted properly, and in a decent state of repair. Ensure windows and doors are locked/closed properly.

Make sure that electric fencing is functioning properly.

Check that razor wire surrounding properties is in a good state of repair, and is firmly attached to the walls.

Homeowners whose houses/complexes have electric gates should ensure the gates have closed behind them when leaving or entering their property - wait until the gate closes completely, and then drive off. It is easy for a car/person to ‘tailgate’ you into your property, if you do not check that the gate has closed.

Ensure that gates/electric gates cannot be derailed and removed. There have been numerous incidences of this occurring recently - perpetrators derail and move sliding gates and gain access to properties.

INTERCOMS : Residents of houses and complexes with Intercom controlled access should only grant access to visitors who are known to them. Try to get your Intercom provider to link your Intercom system to your mobile phone, so that you ALWAYS have access to it. A lot of Residential Burglaries are occurring when the perpetrators dial the Intercom, the Intercom is not answered, so the perpetrators know that the house is unoccupied - they then gain access and burgle the premises.

Report areas of concern with regards to Security to the SAPS, Security companies and CPF members, immediately.

Report any suspicious behaviour to the SAPS, Security companies and CPF members, immediately. Keeping quiet about suspicious behaviour benefits only the perpetrator.

Use CrimeLine-an anonymous tip-off line that allows members of the public to send any information that they have on crime to the police. SMS’s can be sent to 32211 (at R1 per SMS)

When going away, stop all newspaper and other deliveries.

When going away, leave a contact telephone number, or the contact telephone number of a relative or close friend, with one of your neighbours.

Keep copies of Passports, ID Books, Bank Cards, Travellers Cheques, Driving Licenses etc., should you lose the originals, you will have these copies on hand for your own security/convenience.

Do not grant access to your property/complex to any third party/contractor who has no form of Identity Document/Security Card. Be aware of possible scams, i.e. criminals  posing as representatives of SABC, Eskom etc., you have every right to turn them away if they have no form of Identity, displaying who they are representing.

If you have the feeling that you are being followed home in your car, drive past the entrance to your house/complex, and drive around the block to confirm your feeling. DO NOT STOP.  Call the Sector 5 CPF cellphone numbers (referred to in section 1 above) to alert the SAPS about the incident. Alert friends and neighbours about your concerns, before returning to your house.

Report illegal dumping to Pikitup (see number below)

SUSPICIOUS VEHICLES : Report suspicious looking vehicles that you have noticed driving around the suburb. Alert the SAPS Sector vans or one of the Security companies of your concerns. Try to get the registration number and details (i.e. Colour, Make and Model) of the suspicious vehicle.

PETS : When pet owners go away for any period of time, THEIR PETS MUST NOT BE LEFT UNATTENDED. Arrangements must be made to have the pets kenneled, or to have a reliable friend come around daily to ensure their wellbeing. Pet feeders and water dispensers are not 100% guarantees that pets will get food and water…what happens if they get knocked over or damaged? Cases of animal abuse/neglect need to be reported to the Sandton SPCA (see number below).

When arriving home, do not leave valuables in your car - remove them from your car and take them into your home.

CENTRAL LOCKING SIGNAL JAMMERS. There has been a significant increase in the incidence of crimes relating to the use of motor vehicle central locking signal jammers. This type of crime is prevalent at Shopping Centres, Petrol Station convenience stores and School drop-off areas. These jammers involve the criminal using a transmitter to interfere with the central locking signal from the car owners central locking button (typically on the key, or a on remote control box). The car owner has the impression that their vehicle is being locked, but the jammer blocks the signal, leaving the vehicle unlocked. When the vehicle owner walks away, the criminals enter the vehicle, and steal contents/valuables from the vehicle. Some simple ways to prevent being caught by this :

Physically check the door handle/bootlid of the vehicle after pressing the remote button, before walking away.

Minimise the valuables that you carry in your vehicle.

Check your surroundings.

Report suspicious behaviour, people or vehicles.

Some Insurance companies are rejecting insurance claims for stolen items when there is no sign of forced entry into the vehicle.

When driving, do not leave cellphones, laptops, shopping etc. on car seats or in the footwells of your car. Place all items in the boot of your car. Smash and Grabs have become prevalent crimes in Sector 5. Be particularly vigilant when driving along Woodmead Drive, especially when crossing over the M1.

VEHICLE TRACKING DEVICES. If your motor vehicle has a tracking device fitted to it, please check that the device is activated and working properly. All tracking companies can do checks to ensure the hardware is functioning properly.

CABLE THEFT : This is a prevalent crime. Electric Cable Theft is responsible for 37% of power outages in Johannesburg and costs the City millions of Rands. Please report theft/suspected theft/suspicious behaviour to the telephone numbers listed below (under 'Reporting of Cable Theft'). Some modus operandi and trends that have been pointed out to the community with regards to Cable Theft :

-        Lookout for long sticks placed next to transformers/where electric cable appears to be running.

-        Be especially vigilant and aware on the day of/day prior to the removal of refuse.

Buccleuch Police Station is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It requires everyones support, otherwise it will face the threat of closure, again.


Sector 5 Community Policing Sub Forum :

Chairman:                    Peter Berner :   0824425951
Vice Chairman :          Andrew McMurray :  0829229979
All Joburg City enquiries and complaints :  011-375-5555

Crime Stop :  08600-10111

Pikitup :  011-375-5555

Primedia CrimeLine :  32211

Sunninghill Hospital :  011- 806-1500

National Anti Corruption Hotline :  0860267787

Sandton SPCA :  011-444-7730

JMPD By Law Management Complaints Unit :   011-490-1630 (

JMPD 24 Hour Hotlines :   011-758 9621/9622/9624