Help protect our suburb

We encourage residents to join our community-driven initiatives to secure our suburb and protect our loved ones. We strive to provide an active deterrent to criminals, with residents becoming our eyes and ears to assist SAPS and security companies in the fight against crime.

Buccleuch is a pro-active supporter of the Community Policing Forum and the Guardians initiative, driven by the Sandton CPF and the Sandton SAPS. The Guardians are akin to the old neighbourhood watch model, but it offers a wider scope to provide residents with more ways to get involved.

Two ways to become involved

  • Become a CPF Guardian
    The first way to be involved is through the Guardians initiative, where participants actively go out on patrol, working on a roster and buddy system. Their mission is to observe, monitor, report and assist SAPS to secure crime scenes.

    Every Guardian requires police clearance, and they undergo training provided by the Sandton CPF and security companies. CPF Guardians who live in Buccleuch are also added to the BRA First Responder group.

  • Provide Support to our Patrollers
    If you aren't able to be a Guardian or do patrols, you can still contribute by observing, monitoring and reporting suspicious activity.

    The Patrol Supporters role is suitable if you are based at home during the day e.g. work-from-homers, retirees, home-based offices, or stay-at-home moms, dads and adult singles. All it takes is conscious observation, an additional drive around the suburb on the way out or back home, and reporting suspicious persons or vehicles to our Guardians.

    There is no engagement or danger involved - our Guardians, security companies and SAPS will pick up the information and respond in real time. Patrol Supporters do not require police clearance and observation of the suburb takes place during normal daily activities.

Be our eyes and ears

Guardians and Patrol Support can be older or younger, male or female, from all walks of life and with different schedules and routines. Our entire suburb can assist in making Buccleuch safe.

If you are interested in getting involved, please click on the appropriate button.

Security infrastructure

BRA has installed and funds the maintenance and monthly licensing of state of the art security cameras at the entrances to and within Buccleuch. The cameras provide intelligence to our Guardians, local security companies and to SAPS by way of the CPF.

Alerts from the cameras are also disseminated to BRA Members who:

  • have committed to our Security Camera Policy,
  • have received or are in the process of obtaining police clearance,
  • are members of the BRA First Responder Group.
    The First Responder Group is a BRA managed group that comprises vetted BRA Members, Guardians and Buccleuch-based security personnel who actively respond to crime and other emergency situations in our suburb. (The Guardians and security companies also have their own separate groups).

If you are not a CPF Member but qualify to receive the security alerts e.g. as security personnel, click here to request the Policy. You can apply for police security clearance at

Not a BRA member?

Access by residents to our security infrastructure is only available to BRA members. Please sign up to join at