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NB: Get two months free if you pay an annual membership

Membership Contributions

  • Individuals and families:  R100 pm (or discounted to R1000 per year)
    (If your complex is a member pay half of the normal rate) 
  • Small companies and institutions (schools, churches etc): R150 pm
  • Corporate organisations: R400 pm
  • Complexes (up to 10 units): R200 pm
  • Complexes (up to 50 units): R400 pm
  • Complexes (up to 100 units): R500 pm
  • Complexes (up to 200 units): R700 pm
  • Complexes (200+ units): R800 pm
  • Government pensioners over the age of 65 may apply for free membership.
  • If you'd like to join and contribute, but can only afford a lower amount please talk to us.

Our legal standing


Personal adverts
Buccleuch residents are welcome to post personal messages on the BRA Community Chat group to buy and sell their personal things.

Business advertising
Buccleuch residents may advertise their businesses on the website and Community Chat group whether the business is based in Buccleuch or elsewhere. They should confirm their Buccleuch address privately with any of the group admins before posting adverts, and we ask them to join as paying members.

The Buccleuch Residents and Ratepayers Association can only succeed through our members. Since its origin in 2008, BRA has consistently served the Buccleuch community, and we invite you to support our work. BRA helps families, neighbours and friends engage to create and maintain a safe and better place to live, work, learn, exercise, raise kids, worship, grow old, shop, entertain and enjoy life.

Contribute to a cause

We encourage residents to contribute to the work BRA does in the community. Click on the Contribute button and we will ringfence your contribution for the cause you specify.

Our Online Groups

You can sign up for our various online Groups - install the Telegram app (available in your Play Store or App Store)

  • BRA Suburb Group: email us to add you to the group
    For engagements about Buccleuch - things like service delivery and suburb discussions. Please refrain from advertising, "inspirational messages" and potentially divisive discussions around politics or religion. Responding to requests for referrals are welcome.
  • BRA Community Chat Group: Group link -
    Our 'Chat' group where you can commune with neighbours on all things that interest you, advertising, "cute" messages and general chit-chat. Advertisers are required to be members of BRA or sign up for the advertising programme.
  • Our Covid-19 Channel
  • Buccleuch Service Delivery Escalation Group Group link:
    This group allows you to escalate any service delivery calls logged with CoJ that have not been resolved. In order for us to escalate, please post your query including the following information: Service required: ie Pothole/Burst waterpipe/ street lights etc, Date Logged and Reference Number
  • BRA Crime Alert Group  Click here