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Mini Village Market

Village Safe Haven 040-871NPO is to host a Mini Village Market the last Saturday of the month starting from June.

Saturday 30 July 2016 from 09h00 at the Buccleuch Shopping Centre, Gibson Drive, Buccleuch

On offer will be delicious homemade eats and treats, gifts and more.....

For enquiries contact; Michael 082 370 6991

Should you want to assist with donations for the market please contact them.

Next market 27 August 2016

Social Services

Life Line

086 132 2322

Child Line
0800 055 055

Woman Abuse Helpline
0800 150 150

Drug/Substance Abuse
011 483 3880

AIDS Helpline
0800 012 322

Halt Elder Abuse
0800 003 081

Trauma Clinic
011 403 5102

Family Life Line Councelling
011 788 4784




The Village Safe Haven

The Village Safe Haven is a Group Foster Care Facility, also acting as a Place of Safety.  We have the capacity to home 24 to 36 children, excluding support staff and house parents.  This number is directly linked to the financial support of the community, socio-economic development donations (SEDs), corporate CSI donations and investments and bequeaths. 

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