Community Policing Forum CPF

Community Policing Forum CPF


Buccleuch falls under Sector Four of the Sandton CPF.

The Sandton CPF works with all sectors of the community to develop our area into a safe, stable and vibrant attractive environment where all elements of the community participate in enjoying the benefits of this dynamic region.

The CPF Mission is to work in close co-operation with the South African Police Service in order to create a safe and vibrant community  through focusing the skills, talents & desires of the community to reduce crime & create a better life for all.

  • Two dedicated SAPS vehicles serve our area – cell phone numbers 071.675.6106 and 071.675.6107.
  • Sandton SAPS Duty Officer is available 24hrs on 082.304.9562.
  • Sector Commander is available during office hours (see below).
  • Report unresolved service problems to the SAPS Visible Policing Commander on 082.411.4660
  • Copy correspondence to the CPF at and our sub-forum Chair
SAPS Sector 4 Chair Sandton Guardians Chair
Roshan Byjnal - Sandton Guardians Chair - Dhiren Byjnal -


Become a CPF Guardian

Process to follow when reporting incidents:

  1. Step 1: All complains to be logged via 10111. Ensure you receive a reference
  2. Step 2: follow up with the Relief Commander on 083 371 6504
  3. Step 3: Escalate via the Duty Officer on 082 304 9562
  4. Step 4: if the above procedures were done and absolutely no assistance or service was rendered contact the Vispol Commander on 082 411 4660