Why Join BRA

Why Join BRA

Thank you for your interest in joining the Association.  As a subscriber you will receive our Newsletters for free, but we would love you to become a fully fledged Member.

Here is a brief overview of the benefits of membership and how you can make the most of your membership. We'll happily tell you more if you call us or send you more information on request.

Member Benefits

BRA serves the interests of Buccleuch residents and businesses.  We are dedicated to act on behalf of the ratepayers and residents of Buccleuch to ensure the development and maintenance of a safe, beautiful and clean suburb with improved property values. We do this through active collaboration with the CPF, Police, Eskom, the local municipality, security providers and other stakeholders.

We keep you informed
We know that you operate in an incredibly fast-paced environment. We also know how difficult it is to keep abreast of the all the things that impact on you, your family and our community. So we are committed to keeping you up to date, informed and in touch with the latest developments. We do this through a regular emailed newsletter, our website and community meetings.

We represent your interests
Our suburb has numerous existing challenges, and new problems pop up all the time. BRA is there to help sort these out. We have stopped undesirable developments, negotiated better services and infrastructure projects with government, and worked with developers to ensure Buccleuch residents benefit and are not disadvantaged.

We help you get better deals
A number of local businesses offer Buccleuch residents special deals. Visit our Community section for more information.

We help you advertise
If you have a business in or near to Buccleuch we can help you advertise.

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