Need help? Municipal contacts

This list of uswful contacts for reporting municipal and other service issues.
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By-Law Management Unit
Mr Legoka Magongwa
tel: 011 490 1630
fax: 011 490 1860

Report illegal dumping to:

Metro Police
011 375 5911

Illegal Dumping Hotline Photos date time, location 
082 779 1361

What is illegal dumping?

Illegal dumping is the unlawful disposal of used tires, construction debris, old appliances, furniture, as well as general household, commercial and industrial wastes in places other than permitted facilities such as landfills and transfer stations. The garbage is usually dumped on vacant lots, along utility right-of-ways, on public and private lands, and at other normally unattended locations.

Reasons for illegal dumping

Illegal dumping occurs for a variety of reasons, including:

  • lack of convenient legal alternatives and presence of convenient illegal disposal sites
  • increasing disposal costs
  • lack of public awareness about the issue
  • lack of judicial understanding of environmental laws, and therefore, low fines.
  • Why is illegal dumping a problem?
  • Illegal dumps diminish the quality of life and livability of the surrounding area. Illegal dumping of garbage, discarded appliances, old barrels, used tires, furniture, yard debris, oil, antifreeze and pesticides can threaten human health, wildlife and the environment. Illegal dumps can pollute local waterways and groundwater, or cause injury to children playing in or around the dumps. Tires retaining water become breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other noxious insects. Some dumps become home to rodents. Illegal dumps depress the value of surrounding land and neighborhoods.

Report complaints about Illegal electricity connections to

Sergeant T Bore
Tel: 011 490 1687

To report complaints about INFORMAL TRADING contact

Supt Z Mangaliso
011 490 1740n

To report complaints about PARKS contact

Sergeant A Mentjies
Parks Patrol Unit
Tel: 011 472 6539 / 1445

To report complaints about JOHANNESBURG ROADS contact

Acting Sergeant Malima
Johannesburg Roads Agency
Tel: 011 491 5689

To report complaints about SIGNAGE contact

Supt IK Jona
Tel: 011 490 1684

To report complaints about URBAN MANAGEMENT contact

Supt A Adenfdorff
tel: 011 490 1538

To report complaints about WASTE MANAGEMENT contact

Supt R Rajah
011 490 1547

To report complaints about WATER SERVICES contact

Sergeant Tshabalala
Water Services unit
Tel: 011 490 1684

For Building Inspector related matters contact:

Chief Inspector, Building Control Midrand (Region A)
Pierre Le Roux (011) 237-8045
Building Inspector (Buccleuch)

Chris vd Berg (011) 237-8048
Building Inspector
(Region A)

Leboto (011) 237- 8047

It is best to catch these gentlemen early in the morning before they go out on site inspections, or later in the afternoon when they get back.

More general problems are best dealt with by:

Pierre Nel
Manager : Stakeholder Management
City of Johannesburg: Region A

Report city-wide malfunctioning traffic lights to

Johannesburg Roads Agency
Wilson Batista
082 827 8250

Please note that this number is for malfunctioning robots only, NOT for any other JRA related problems.

Over the past six years, thousands of motorists around Johannesburg have come to rely on the assistance of the OUTsurance Pointsmen.

The main objectives behind this project are ultimately to alleviate traffic congestion, contribute towards road safety, but also to do our bit for unemployment in underprivileged communities.

Basically, there are two types of pointsmen: static pointsmen who are assigned to specific high-traffic intersections and mobile pointsmen who are dispatched to traffic hot spots at a moment’s notice. These men and women are truly passionate about making your daily commute as stress-free as possible – you’ll recognise them by their bright-yellow bibs, toothy grins and friendly demeanour!

if you’d like to provide offer compliments, complaints or if you have any suggestions – contact the project support team at Traffic Freeflow.

Traffic Freeflow:
Tel: 011 448 2345

Homeless people and vagrants are an unfortunate feature of our cities. The Human Development Department of the City of Johannesburg has addressed this problem by starting a facility for homeless people.

Please forward the exact address/location of any homeless people, street children and vagrants in your area to:

Pierre Nel
Manager : Stakeholder Management
City of Johannesburg: Region A